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My mission to try and recall with photos and text all the places I have been to......

This probably will only be achieved by going through my vast collection of photos to try and pin the countries and places I have visited. This will take ages to complete :-)

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Seychelles , La Digue ... see more
Anse Source D'argent La Digue

I had always wanted to see those magical shaped rocks, ever since I'd seen the photos in travel brochures.

So when planning our trip to the Seychelles, I found that they where on a small island called La Digue and that they were at Anse Source D'argent (who'd have know :-))

When I started to look into this more I also found that most of the spectacular beaches were also on La Digue.

We also only had a week for our visit, so why not waste no time and just go explore one place.

Some other great locations that decided this was the place to go for our short holiday.
  • Anse Source D'argent
  • Grande Anse
  • Petite Anse
  • Anse Cocos
  • Anse Severe
  • there are plenty more
  • and its cycle friendly!