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Why La Digue
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Why La Digue

Anse Source D'argent La Digue

I had always wanted to see those magical shaped rocks, ever since I'd seen the photos in travel brochures.

So when planning our trip to the Seychelles, I found that they where on a small island called La Digue and that they were at Anse Source D'argent (who'd have know :-))

When I started to look into this more I also found that most of the spectacular beaches were also on La Digue.

We also only had a week for our visit, so why not waste no time and just go explore one place.

Some other great locations that decided this was the place to go for our short holiday.
  • Anse Source D'argent
  • Grande Anse
  • Petite Anse
  • Anse Cocos
  • Anse Severe
  • there are plenty more
  • and its cycle friendly!

How we got to La Digue - The Return Journey

London Heathrow - Mahe Seychelles

 We booked a British Airways flight direct to Mahe.

There are plenty of alternatives, but none fly direct!

Its a 10 hour flight, leaving Heathrow at 16:00hrs arriving Mahe 08:00hrs the following day.

A combination of checking lowest cost day to fly and using some airmiles brought the cost of
the flight down to a very reasonable price (even without the use of airmiles), we found it to be
cheaper than those airlines that required a "stop over"

Mahe - Praslin
We decided to FLY, we booked a flight with Air Seychelles to Praslin

The flight is 15 minutes and in my opinion much more fun and more convienient than the ferry option.
The domestic departure check in desks are to the right of the international arrivals exit  from customs.
Our scheduled flight was for 10:05hrs. This allowed 2 hrs 5 minutes from landing to getting onto connecting flight.
I had checked several previous arrival times for flight BA063 and found that the latest it had landed was 08:30.
So if that had happened it still gave us 1hr 35mins to get connection.
To disembark, go through passport control, collect cases and pass customs took 45 minutes.
To check in and clear security and sit down in the domestic departure took a further 15 minutes.
So we had 30 minutes to spare. There are othe flight times available, they operate every 30 minutes or so throughout the day.

Approach to Praslin airport
Arrivals at Praslin Airport

Praslin - La Digue The Cat Rose to La Digue
Praslin airport is small and a joy to arrive at. It takes no time at all (well 8 minutes) to get off the plane and get into a taxi.
There are a few options to get from Praslin Airport to Praslin Ferry Harbour in Baie Ste Anne, a bus is not one of them.. as they will not take suitcases.

We opted for a taxi, it was 400sr (march 2019), we took the first guy that came up to us. The drive was around 20 minutes and he dropped us right by the ticket office. We had booked online for the ferry acroos, and therefore had to exchanged our "voucher" for boarding passes. This can be done in the office by the black taxi in the photo above.

The jetty at La Digue


The Return Journey
Our return flight (from Mahe to Heathrow) was at 10:00hrs, so this really goverened the following plan.

La Digue - Praslin
Booked the 10:30hrs ferry, arring at 10:45 in Praslin

Picked up hire car from jetty. We toured Praslin to get a "feel" for the place.
We headed for Anse Lazio beach and then to Vallee de Mai.
We had a rest on the beach for an hour, then headed for lunch. We found an interesting spot in Grand Anse called the Breeze Garden (mainly for its free wi-fi)
We ate from the Take-away and chilled out in the sun checking into our BA flight home (hence the free wi-fi).

Praslin - Mahe
Air Seychelles flight 17:35 to Mahe
Dropped the hire car at Praslin Airport at 16:30hrs
We started boarding our flight at around 17:15 and was in the air 17:23, so early I guess as everyone had arrived.

Mahe overnight
Chez Payet Airport Guesthouse

Mahe - London
Return flight 10:00hrs from Mahe to London Heathrow BA062

Where we stayed on La Digue

La Digue Luxury Beach Bungalow

La Digue Luxury Beach Bungalow

Exploring La Digue

We had 3 main walks,

The First was to the Snack Bellevue, well we cycled up the first few bends up the hill to the restaurant, but it was hot and pretty steep, so we parke the bikes and walked the rest of the way.
What a view and a well deserved juice at the bar. Our mission was to book dinner for the following night.

The second was to Petite Anse, a path leading away from Grand Anse takes you on short, hot, steamy walk of about 15mins (longer if you stop frequently - to admire the views)

The third was to Anse Cocos, a separate day we went to have a look at this beach. The walk to Anse Cocos continues after getting to Petite Anse, its a further 30 minutes to get to Anse Cocos, all in all a 45 minute walk from Grand Anse, take plenty of water to drink.

Rent a bike:
The best way to get around La Digue is by cycling. We rented bikes for the whole of our trip (we negotiated a discount for this). Always test your bike out before going on aride, check the brakes and the gears work ok (but mainly the brakes - you can always swap it if the gears arent too good)

The ones we explored in no particular order of preferance (there are plenty we didnt go see)

Grand Anse
Petite Anse
Anse Cocus
Anse Severe
Anse Fourmis
Anse Source d'Argent

Eating on La Digue

We ate at 4 resturants whilst on the Island:

Well worth booking to go here for an evening meal. You need to book, as included in the price for the evening meal is a taxi ride up. We got picked up from outside our BnB at 17:15.  They get everyone one up to the restuarant to allow all to enjoy the sunset, with pre dinner drinks. Please note its CASH only, as there is no wifi this far up the hill so credit cards do not work.
We had lunch here, shared a fish curry and had a couple of SeyBrews. In the heat of the day that was enough for us to eat. Really nice chunks of fish and great (not too hot) sauce.
La Digue

Stopped by on one of our bike rides. We had coconut water and milkshake and the octopuss for lunch. It was very nice, could have eaten it again another day, but pretty expensive compared to other places, and there are a lot. Well worth stopping by, great views and nice atmosphere.

Another really good find, en-route to Grand Anse, well worth stopping by for lunch. Had some lovely fruit juice drinks and a smoke fish salad.

Mimi Cafe
Mimi Cafe

Take away
We had a good choice of take-aways, but ate mainly at these 2:

La Digue
La Digue
La Digue
La Digue La Digue

Enjoyed our first SeyBrew here, very relaxing and fantastic views across the bay.

La Digue
Bikini Bottom La Digue
Bikini Bottom La Digue

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